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5pc Booty Band Set


 The average gym membership can cost up to $800 per YEAR. These resistance bands were designed to give you a full body workout for a fraction of the cost.

Ditch your gym membership TODAY! Made of high-quality stretchy latex material, GEMDRONE are designed to perform. Get your full body workout from home today and save hundreds of dollars every year!

5pcs set Resistance bands

Workout at home, with these 5 different resistance bands you can train at your own level. Very usefull for Yoga, Fitness or Pilates excercises

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1. Premium Quality Latex: Our resistance loop bands are made of eco-friendly natural latex material. Durable and comfortable for long time use.

2. Comprehensive Performance: The band can coordinate with all kinds of figure and movement to reach the versatile effect, adding more fun to the workout.

3. Super Flexible: This band of strong elasticity provides long lasting resilience for your exercise.

4. Easy To Clean: The band can be washed with water or wiped by dry or wet cloth. Then it will get dry by air drying.

5. Fit For Yoga, Fitness &Pilates: This resistance band can help you get the body you’ve dreamt of with continuous exercise.



1. Color Optional: Light Pink, Pink, Rose Red, Light Purple, Purple

2. Tensile Strength: 5~10lb (Light Pink), 10~15lb (Pink), 15~20lb (Rose Red), 20~30lb (Light Purple), 30~40lb (Purple)

3. Size: 600*50*0.35mm (Light Pink), 600*50*0.5mm (Pink), 600*50*0.7mm (Rose Red), 600*50*0.9mm (Light Purple), 600*50*1.1mm (Purple)

4. Weight: 11g (Light Pink), 15g (Pink), 22g (Rose Red), 27g (Light Purple), 33g (Purple)

Package List:

5 * Resistance Band(Light Pink * 1, Pink * 1, Rose Red * 1, Light Purple * 1, Purple * 1)


What do the different colors mean?
  • The different colors each have a different amount of resistance to them, they're pull values are listed below:

        Yellow: 10lbs
           Red:     15lbs 
           Green: 20lbs 
           Blue:    25lbs
           Black:  30lbs

How can this product benefit me
  • This equipment can be used to specifically target the various muscles group, great tool for killer home workouts.
Where do your products come from?
  • We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 
What about shipping and delivery?
  • Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. 
  • Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, it takes anywhere from 5-10 days to get to your door. For any additional information please contact us at

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