Where to Buy Mason Jar Lids

Where to Buy Mason Jar Lids

Mason jar can be used to preserve food, use as coffee cups, store salad, make unique layered brownies. The secrets that can keep it delicious is the two-piece lids, which separates the jar and lid. Mason jar lids are generally for one-time use. If you are passionate about making food, you may often buy mason jar lids. How to buy the best place to buy canning jar lids?


What is Mason Jar?

The Mason jar has become an indispensable tool for storing food at home because of its good sealing. This glass jar was invented by John L. Mason in 1858. The original intention of inventing this jar was to extend the storage time of food, just like making jams and seafood and meat at home. If these marinated foods are to be preserved for a long time, they need extremely tightly sealed jar, so Mason jar are widely used.


There is no difference between a Mason bottle and an ordinary bottle, but the effect of the Mason jar is greater.

 what is mason jar 

It is a kind of airtight container that can be used to store food. With its exquisite appearance, rich size and wide range of application, it has become a favourite tool for many food enthusiasts. No matter what kind of food is served, the food photos taken are excellent works of art. It is even made into light bulbs, vases, potted plants, bathroom storage kits...


Why do Mason Jar Lids Come in Two Parts?

The sealing part of the Mason lid should be discarded after use, but if the threaded ring is not damaged, it can be reused. Dividing the lid into two parts can reduce the cost of multiple use. In addition, in the canning process, the gasket is first placed on the glass jar, and then the vacuum generated by the cooled content of the jar makes the seal between the jar and the cap airtight.

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If the seal is defective, this is visible because the rim is not tightened until the seal has solidified and the can has cooled. If the seal is good, you can screw the rim onto the jar to secure the lid firmly. If necessary, you can unscrew the rim without lifting the cover to check the vacuum and confirm that the gasket is not leaking.


How to Seal the Mason Jar?

Mason jar are used separately from the bottle and the lid. The cap has one-piece, two-piece, and perforated lids. The secret of sealing it is the two-piece lid, and the glass jar is put in hot water to keep it at a certain temperature. Put the prepared hot jam into the bottle, then close the lid and put it back in hot water for heating, and finally let it cool at room temperature. After some thermal expansion and contraction, when you unscrew the two-piece outer ring and the cover does not move, the sealing is already successful.


How to Test if the Lid of a Mason Jar is Sealed?

After 24 hours, remove the lid from the jar. If it falls off easily, it will not be sealed. Refrigerate and enjoy it as soon as possible. If the lid seals the Mason jar perfectly, store the jar in a cool place and use it within the shelf life.


Why you Need to Buy Mason Canning Jar Lid?

  1. Mason jar lids are technically used for canning. Over time, they are likely to rust or deform.
  2. Mason jar lids are cheap and easy to replace. If you own multiple mason jar lids, you can replace them at any time without cleaning.

Tips: These units cannot be reused.


Where Can I Buy Mason Jar Lids?

Mason Jar Lids can be found in most supermarkets. Your local supermarket is a good place to buy it. Amazon also provides canning lids. If you use many lids and want to buy many lids at once, we can offer you all the discounts.

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What Can You do with Mason Jar Food?

Mason jars are not only used to store food. It has various sizes and shapes. If your cupboard is full of Mason jars, there are several clever ways to use them.


1. Mason Jar Smoothie

Step 1. Prepare fresh fruits you want to eat

Step 2. Put the fruit into the blender and beat it into a sauce

Step 3. Pour the yogurt and fruit into the Mason bottle in order

mason jar smoothie


2. Mason Jar Detox Water

Good taste and rich in vitamins are the keys of this drink.

Step 1. Wash the fruit, cut into pieces or slices (the smaller the piece, the better, it will taste easily when soaked)

Step 2. Put the fruit into the bottle, pour in cold water until the fruit is completely submerged

Step 3. Put it in the refrigerator for more than 8 hours 

mason jar detox water


3. Mason Jar Salad

The sealed glass jar can hold a variety of foods. But when it comes to the most common and most popular usage of the Mason jar, it is used for salad preservation. Make four or five bottles at a time, instead of busy preparing lunch every day.

Step 1. Prepare vegetables and meat and egg sauce together

Step 2. Arrange in order: Salad dressing – vegetables – protein - last leafy vegetables

Step 3. Put it in the refrigerator and shake it before eating

mason jar salad 

4. Customized Lights

Mason jars provide some very comfortable lighting options. You can quickly turn mason jars into wax or citronella candles. But you can also purchase a mason cylinder lamp conversion kit. Fill the jar with pebbles, wine corks or wine bottle caps, screw on the lid, add a sun shade, and your living room will have a unique lighting.

 mason jar customized lights 

Mason Jar Lid and Container Cleaning Tips

  1. Do not fill in hot water, the difference in temperature between hot and cold will easily cause the bottle to burst.
  2. Prevent rust on Mason Jar Lids


Because the sealing cover is made of tinplate, it is easy to rust when exposed to water and oxygen, which is a natural law and cannot be avoided by any brand. If you want to extend the use time of the bottle, there are ways:

  1. Do not tighten the lids too tightly, as the anti-rust paint will rust soon after being worn off.
  2. Wipe dry immediately after cleaning, don't leave water stains
  3. Scrub excess liquid on the glass jars and lid.



With more DIY food in life, Mason jars can play an important role. Start now and buy Mason jar lids and for Mason jar lids for crafts. In order to convenient shopping, we have listed some common problems of how to use mason jar lids and hope to help you.