How to Use Resistance Bands for Exercise

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The concepts of health and sports are gradually recognized, and more and more people are joining the ranks of fitness exercises. Many people want to exercise at home, but suffer from not having enough space and professional equipment to carry out. In fact, using resistance bands, you can do many different physical fitness exercises. So how to do the best workout using resistance bands?


The resistance band is the cheapest and convenient tool for fitness. You can choose the appropriate strength according to your needs. They are lightweight and versatile, and are not limited to your exercise environment, regardless of indoor or outdoor, as long as you want to use the at any time.


Resistance band workout routine

There are many kinds of resistance band set. You can choose different pound according to your physical conditions and training. You must do warm-up exercises before training, and then perform the resistance rope training.


Although the resistance rope can play a role in weight loss and shaping, but if you want to lose weight faster, you need to do some aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. to help consume Calorie while doing exercise.

 resistance band workout 

5 Easy Resistance Band Exercises for Beginners

  1. Exercise shoulder muscles and hands strength. Keep your feet as wide as your shoulders, step on the middle of the resistance rope, and grasp the resistance rope with both hands while lifting up. The movement should be slow, and slow down when it is lowered, repeat 30 times.

 step 1 

  1. Step on the rope with both feet apart, then squat with both feet, grasp the two sides of the resistance rope with both hands, and separate on both sides of the head. Legs slowly rose, while raising his hands slowly. Then squat slowly, withdraw your hands slowly, repeat 30 times. This action can simultaneously exercise the muscles of the thigh, waist, and hands.

 step 2 

  1. Fix the middle of the resistance rope in the upper edge of the door, and then turn your back to the door, open your hands to grab the rope at both ends, and at the same time force forward to close. Keep your hands bent when closing. Then slowly spread your hands back and repeat 30 times.

  step 3

  1. With both hands on the ground, the right hand is pressed against the rope, and one end of the rope is placed on the right foot. Then, push your right foot back as far as possible. After doing 30 times, change the other body to do this set of movements.

 step 4 

  1. Stand with your feet apart, with your hands in front of your body, lift the resistance band upwards, and then keep your posture intact for about 2 minutes. Resistance band exercises for legs can not only exercise the arms and chest muscles, but also the thighs and calves.

 step 5

Tips for resistance bands workout:

  • All exercise requires the chest to be tightened to tighten the abdominal muscles, and do not hold your breath.
  • The muscles should be controlled when pulling up and relaxing, and the relaxation process should be slow.
  • Resistance band exercises for legs. The left and right feet can be exchanged. Strength exercises strengthen the core strength and balance ability.
  • The strength of the rope should be adjusted according to the strength of the individual. You cannot use a very high-pound resistance bands set from the beginning. If you think the bands is too light, you can increase the strength appropriately.
  • The rope should be checked regularly to avoid accidents during exercise.

 resistance bands set 

Compared with the weight of professional fitness equipment such as dumbbells and barbells, resistance bands can bring similar effects. Resistance band exercises for stronger legs can even make you strengthen when you stretch tense or sore muscles.


The resistance band exercise of the arms can not only increase the strength, but also increase the flexibility of the body. Actions like pulling the resistance band apart, stretching the overhead resistance band, and pushing out the resistance band can all relax your shoulders or reduce tension after day office work.


You must with a good quality of resistance band kit for exercise. Otherwise, if it breaks during the exercise, it is very dangerous.


GEM Professional Resistance Bands Pull Up Tube Set:

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Resistance band length change

In addition to the color of the elastic band to distinguish different resistances, the resistance of each resistance band will increase as the length of the stretched band increases. In normal training, we can also adjust the length that the resistance band to control training weight.


Closer to the sports in life

Because in the life, our actions are not fixed and the elastic trajectory of the Elastic Pull Rope is not fixed so that we can use resistance band training to imitate the trajectory of moving, making the training effect easier to show.


Safety and effectiveness

Traditional barbell training is a systemic maximum strength training. It trains muscle groups and weak muscles can easily produce fatigue. Muscle fatigue, the movement is easy to deform, increasing the risk of injury after training.


Easy to carry and low requirements for sports venue

Because the Resistance Bands Pull Up Tube Set has accessories such as a handle, the weight will be heavier. Even the heaviest tubular elastic band weighs only a few hundred grams and can be easily carried into a backpack and taken away without too much space.

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If I want to recommend a home fitness tool for fitness beginners, I will choose this elastic band. Its price-performance ratio is quite high, safe, practical, and very convenient. The above are resistance bands exercises for beginners’ tips, hurry up to build the healthiest body.